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One of The Leading European Solar Energy Manufacturers

Enviroenergy Solutions ES Ltd Solar Energy Manufacturers


When installing electrification systems one of the major issues is that specialized personnel or electricians are required, and depending on the location they are not always easy to find and are usually quite demanding....

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Conshome and EHSG Series Solar Generators are complete Plug and Play solutions for producing, storing and consuming or reselling Electricity.

They can be used in combination with the Grid (On-Grid) or completely Standalone (Off-Grid) for producing storing and using electricity where there is none available for small and medium scale consumptions up to 50kW and they can be fixed or portable.



The New ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS Conshome Solar Generator is designed for those who do not compromise in Quality and Aesthetics, using the highest quality components, all made in Europe, they offer the best, safest and most productive Plug and Play solution.

It is a unique small scale electricity generator kit that can be used in combination with the grid to cut energy bills, for back-up power supply in case of power shortages or as a Stand Alone Power Generator. It is the perfect solution for households, schools, clinics, or small businesses to generate electricity, but is also used for a variety of other needs, such as recharging electrical cars or any other type of rechargeable battery.
The systems are pre-mounted, plug and play solutions that do not require any specialized tools or knowledge for installation. They are connected to the pre-existing electrical installation and wiring of the house and therefor do not require any re-wiring, making them a quick and economical way to generate power or replace grid consumption.

The Conshome is a highly aesthetical product that can even be placed in visible locations inside the house or office.

Click to Download CONSHOME Brochure in PDF



Enviroenergy EHSG Hybrid Solar Generators work on multiple levels and with multiple power sources in order to ensure a constant availability of energy in the most economical way.
On one hand they use batteries to store the solar energy produced by the Solar Panels and at the same time, they are connected to the grid so as to ensure a constant flow of electricity in case the solar energy stored is not sufficient.
EHSG Hybrid Solar Generators use Solar Power in priority. However, if solar radiation is not sufficient or if the consumption is too high and the battery storage is not enough, then the system automatically switches to the grid power supply to ensure uninterrupted availability of electricity.
When the batteries restore their capacity, then the system automatically switches back to using the battery power source.
Other power sources (diesel generators for example) can also be connected to the Hybrid system offering an alternative source of electricity in the case of unreliable grid power and absence of solar energy.
When used Off-grid Enviroenergy Hybrid Solar Generators ensure electricity production and 24h power availability through battery storage.
When used in combination with the grid Enviroenergy Hybrid Solar Generators are designed to offer energy independence and work automatically switching between Solar Power and Grid to minimize the electricity bill.
Enviroenergy Hybrid Solar Generators will revolutionize your energy consumption so you IMMEDIATELY drop your electricity bills and limit the impact of the constant increase of the price of electricity.
Day or night, in summer and winter, with or without power shortages, Enviroenergy Solutions OFF-Grid Solar Hybrid Solar Generators will always ensure energy sufficiency and independence.

Click to Download EHSG Series Brochure in PDF