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Enviroenergy Solutions ES Ltd Solar Energy Manufacturers



ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS NEW EA2SL SPLIT Series Solar Street Lights are the first compact sized LED All-in-Two Solar Street Lights with built-in components.

ENVIROENERGY SOLUTIONS ALL in TWO Solar Street Lights offer the advantages of the All-in-One type Solar Street Lights being very Efficient, Easy and Quick to install with no complicated wiring or concrete boxes to bury the battery or suspend it on a the pole, but with the advantage of having flexible battery storage capacity, and flexible solar panel capacity, since the module is completely independent from the Lamp and is installed on the Pole, multiple Panels can be installed in Series.

As such, NEW EA2SL SPLIT Series ALL in TWO Solar Street Lights are completely customizable so they can adapt to any situation and respond to every need. No extra controllers and no extra cabling required, just plug and play!

The New EA2SL SPLIT Series:

Simplicity and Reliability In Action

Features and Advantages of EA2SL Series Street Lights:

  • Aluminium alloy + Glass
  • IP 65
  • Lithium battery and controller integrated inside the Lamp Head
  • Only one step plug-in for wiring connection
  • Light Control + Remote Control
  • Adaptive lighting system to achieve all night lighting
  • Smart temperature control system to protect the battery charging and discharging in high temperatures
  • Working Temperature from -25℃ to 65℃
  • Can support up to 5 nights lighting after full charging

Download EA2SL Split Series Brochure in PDF